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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find info about events! Also some tips,cheats, and more here! My old signature is this: Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3! And yes, I know I keep changing it cuz I can't make up my mind :P Okay everybody I have made my FINAL DESICION for a signture! Here it is.... нανє α ωση∂єяƒυℓ ∂αу! -мєℓαкιтту3 Fancy text! ooo

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MyMall/Gold info!

Posted by melanie_byczko on July 4, 2014 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello everybody! I think you all have seen this partly-new place at Uptown called MyMall and a new currency called Gold. They both have been here in Fantage for a while now, but I'm still seeing confused fantagians about this, so I'm creating a post about it! Let's start with gold first. Gold is a currency that you can buy with real money. Gold can be used at Cody's crazy combo's, Limited item stands, Music for parties and MyMall. Here is a picture of gold!  Okay now let's move on to MyMall. MyMall can be found at Uptown, between the IDFone shop and the Furniture shop. At MyMall you open these thingies called "Kiosks", where you can sell items you don't want anymore for gold. However, you can only sell there if you have a selling permission, which allows you to open your own kiosk! But, the selling permissions cost gold too. At least you can choose how long you want to sell items. If you have gold and want to open your own kiosk, click the girl behind the counter, choose how long you want to sell and your done! Ok that's a really big picture! :P But that picture is just showing you how to do it! Way bigger than I expected! I can't really tell you how to actually SELL, because I don't have gold. If I ever do get gold, I'll be sure to post how to sell here! But now I will show you how to buy items!

First, go to MyMall and click the doors that look the same as in this picture.  Next, choose whichever room number you want to go to. For example, go to room 7. Third, you will see 10 boxes with items in there. Those are kiosks. If you see an item you click, click on that box with the item.  You can now see other items that user is selling. If you see an item you like, click buy under that items' price. Now if you have enough for the item you want, click BUY WITH GOLD! That is how you buy items.

There is a thing at MyMall called the eCoin exchange. If you don't have gold, it's pretty useless because you exchange gold for eCoins.

And the last thing is just a search button where you can search for items on sale. (This is for premium members ONLY) Well I guess that's all for this event! Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3 

New pets: Little codies!

Posted by melanie_byczko on July 4, 2014 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everybody! In this post, I will be talking about these new pets you can get called "Little codies"! If your asking, "What are Little codies?" Little codies are pets you can get! They are named after the character Cody! Anyway, let's learn how to get them! Go to Pet town and move your avatar right to get into the action. You will see that the pet games sign looks different:  And you will also notice that the character named Cody will be there, wearing a yellow hat and a red cape. He is ALWAYS there if you were wondering. The reason why he is there is to get more items you need for getting a little cody! Oh and I almost forgot! Here is a picture of what I'm talking about:  Anyway, you play pet games to get items to getting a little cody. There are 3 versions of little codies, Cody Jr. (Blue), Toby (Purple), and Rose (Pink). Here is a picture of what they look like!  And to get these pets, there are 3 items you need to create them, and you need 10 of each of these items: Stardust (like pinkstardust XD :lol:), yarn and fabric. Here is a picture of them! I know, my handwriting on the computer is sloppy! I did it on the Windows Paint program. And once you have 10 of each item, you can get boxes. (You need 5 of each). I didn't know how to put it, so I said it that way, LOL :lol: (And by the way, about Cody, click him to get free items to get little codies! Just so you know, once you click Cody, you can't get another free item from him until 30 minutes is up). Well that's it for this post! Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3

Pranking the girls at the campground!

Posted by melanie_byczko on July 4, 2014 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everybody! I have now posted on how to prank the girls at the campground! (Yes, I am playing as a boy). So just like pranking the girls, go to the campground! Now instead of going near the boys lunch table, go near the girls lunch table. It looks like this:  (Yes there is a difference when you look at the 2 tables carefully). See the green cup? Double click it TWICE and the basket will move to the right. You will see a roll of toilet paper. Just click it. (I cannot show you this because for some reason isn't uploading the photo I want to upload properly). But when you click it, toilet paper will be all over the girls cabin! This is funny to the boys, I bet. I don't really have a comment to make about this one. But this is it for this post! Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3 

Pranking the boys at the campground!

Posted by melanie_byczko on July 4, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everybody! In the campground post, I told all of you that I would talk about something like "Pranking the girls/boys"! Well, here I am! So let's begin, shall we? Go to the campground. Once you are there (I'm going to do the prank on the boys in this post), go near the lunch table near the boys cabin. It looks like this:  See that green cup? Double click that TWICE and the basket will move to the right. You should see lipstick under there. It should look like this:  Now all you have to do is click on the lipstick! Look at the boys cabin now! XD :lol: In the next post, I'll do the prank on the girls! Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3

Fantage campground!

Posted by melanie_byczko on July 4, 2014 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi everybody! In Fantage, there is an event with the campground! It's the same as last year, but it's okay. Anyway, let me show you what you can do in this event if you've never been to the campground before! Let's start with how to get to the campground! Click on the world map button, and click on The Forest. Move your avatar right until you see a sign that looks like this: You will be taken to the campground. So one of the things you can do is go into cabins. There are 2 cabins. One for girls and one for boys. To go in the cabins, move your avatar left and you will see 2 cabins. Click on the cabin that is your gender. I am a girl, so i'll go in the girl's cabin. Here is a preview on one of the beds in there!  You can't really do anything in the cabins but chat with friends. Last year, you could have pillow fights! But you can't, not this year. You can also go fishing at The lake! Move your avatar right until you go into the lake at the campground. To fish, click the sign that says Buy fishing gear! This is a bummer to me because all of the costumes cost the new currency called "Gold" which you can't earn. ONLY BUY. Here is the fishing selection though in case you were wondering! Well that picture was a little bit bigger than what I wanted it to be! XD :lol: So yeah that's it for fishing right now.


Just like any other BIG event, there is a limited items cart! You can find the cart at the campground. But alas, they are the EXACT same items as last year if I remember correctly. And also just to save space, I'm not going to put a picture of the limited items. 8) So that's it for this event! A prank you can play on the girls/boys is coming! Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3