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MyMall/Gold info!

Posted by melanie_byczko on July 4, 2014 at 8:15 PM

Hello everybody! I think you all have seen this partly-new place at Uptown called MyMall and a new currency called Gold. They both have been here in Fantage for a while now, but I'm still seeing confused fantagians about this, so I'm creating a post about it! Let's start with gold first. Gold is a currency that you can buy with real money. Gold can be used at Cody's crazy combo's, Limited item stands, Music for parties and MyMall. Here is a picture of gold!  Okay now let's move on to MyMall. MyMall can be found at Uptown, between the IDFone shop and the Furniture shop. At MyMall you open these thingies called "Kiosks", where you can sell items you don't want anymore for gold. However, you can only sell there if you have a selling permission, which allows you to open your own kiosk! But, the selling permissions cost gold too. At least you can choose how long you want to sell items. If you have gold and want to open your own kiosk, click the girl behind the counter, choose how long you want to sell and your done! Ok that's a really big picture! :P But that picture is just showing you how to do it! Way bigger than I expected! I can't really tell you how to actually SELL, because I don't have gold. If I ever do get gold, I'll be sure to post how to sell here! But now I will show you how to buy items!

First, go to MyMall and click the doors that look the same as in this picture.  Next, choose whichever room number you want to go to. For example, go to room 7. Third, you will see 10 boxes with items in there. Those are kiosks. If you see an item you click, click on that box with the item.  You can now see other items that user is selling. If you see an item you like, click buy under that items' price. Now if you have enough for the item you want, click BUY WITH GOLD! That is how you buy items.

There is a thing at MyMall called the eCoin exchange. If you don't have gold, it's pretty useless because you exchange gold for eCoins.

And the last thing is just a search button where you can search for items on sale. (This is for premium members ONLY) Well I guess that's all for this event! Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3 

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Reply Evan
8:59 AM on July 5, 2014 
Thank you! I know how this works now :) Can I please be an admin here? I would love to help you with your work!
Reply melanie_byczko
9:08 AM on July 5, 2014 
I'm glad! But I think I can do everything myself here. Plus, it doesn't take like 5 people to post one fantage event. But if I ever do need an admin or whatever, I'll be sure to add you as an admin! Okie? Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3