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My Luckybot/Megaphone thoughts!

Posted by melanie_byczko on July 5, 2014 at 1:10 PM

Hello everybody! Today some of you have noticed 2 new features, Lucky bot and The megaphone. Here are my thoughts about them! Lucky bot first. You can find the lucky bot at the beach and the forest. It looks like this!  lol! :P In order to play with the lucky bot, your going to need 900 eCoins or more. If your a non-member, it's pretty much a waste of eCoins, because all you really get is furniture. If your a member, you'll have a better chance of getting something good. And guess what? I FINALLY GOT ABOUT 900 eCOINS! Okay so let me show you how to play with this thing. Go to the beach or the forest and click the lucky bot. (Oh just so you all know, I'm doing this on a newbie account not melakitty3)!

Anyway, once you clicked it click the red BUY button. (REMEMBER this is a newbie account I'm not using mela for this!) Anyway, it will do some things, btw here what I could possibly get! 

I was really hoping for that blue costume on the top row but I got the top next to it -_- Anyway, to top this off, I'd say this is pretty bad and a waste of eCoins.

Now let's move on to the megaphone. The megaphone is pretty good to me, but we all have our opinions. To use the megaphone, click the megaphone button on the top of the screen. It looks like this!  And the options for what you can say should pop up! (NOTE: The megaphone is for premium members ONLY). Once you have clicked your message, click the orange button that says send! And to top THIS one off, I'd say it's good. That's it! Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3

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