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Fantage campground!

Posted by melanie_byczko on July 4, 2014 at 2:20 PM

Hi everybody! In Fantage, there is an event with the campground! It's the same as last year, but it's okay. Anyway, let me show you what you can do in this event if you've never been to the campground before! Let's start with how to get to the campground! Click on the world map button, and click on The Forest. Move your avatar right until you see a sign that looks like this: You will be taken to the campground. So one of the things you can do is go into cabins. There are 2 cabins. One for girls and one for boys. To go in the cabins, move your avatar left and you will see 2 cabins. Click on the cabin that is your gender. I am a girl, so i'll go in the girl's cabin. Here is a preview on one of the beds in there!  You can't really do anything in the cabins but chat with friends. Last year, you could have pillow fights! But you can't, not this year. You can also go fishing at The lake! Move your avatar right until you go into the lake at the campground. To fish, click the sign that says Buy fishing gear! This is a bummer to me because all of the costumes cost the new currency called "Gold" which you can't earn. ONLY BUY. Here is the fishing selection though in case you were wondering! Well that picture was a little bit bigger than what I wanted it to be! XD :lol: So yeah that's it for fishing right now.


Just like any other BIG event, there is a limited items cart! You can find the cart at the campground. But alas, they are the EXACT same items as last year if I remember correctly. And also just to save space, I'm not going to put a picture of the limited items. 8) So that's it for this event! A prank you can play on the girls/boys is coming! Have a wonderful day! -melakitty3

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