Fantage: All about meh!

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Hair: Daily spin hair, daily spin hair, Green canoeing prize, Christmas gift hair, Stars for charity hair, stars for charity hair, Orange pop hair, Reporter prize, Senorita hair (RARE), Shaggy pink hair (RARE), Soft blonde, daily spin hair, Purple haze.

(I'm not going to do bottoms) Outfits: Moon pj's, Sweet summer outfit (RARE), Rocker wear (Premium member rare), Brown winter outfit, Sweet dress, Sweet purple gown (Bought with eCoins), Simple prom dress (RARE), Sweet dress, Purple dress.

Tops: Long sleeved pink, Fashion show theme tops, Fire red top, Santa's gift, Charity tank, Jimbo shirt (LUXURY), Mumbo shirt (LUXURY), Owl tee (LIMITED), Hot pink tank (RARE), Sweet purple shirt, Cool yellow jacket.

Costumes: Regular shell finder, Bear costume, Pixie dust (LIMITED), Tropical dancer (Bought with eCoins), Waitress costume, Soft pink, Gorgeous yellow dress.

(I'm skipping shoes) Boards: Bingo board, Blue star board, Fashion show theme boards, Panther board (Premium member rare), Beach paradise board, Charity board, Bat wing board, Purple sunset board, Mini board (RARE), White and orange board.